Thursday, July 28, 2011

Help Me !

Dear readers , 
My blog is getting lots of users who really don't know what their iPhone is capable of ! Lots of them having problems specially with Jailbreaking & Tweaking, you may believe it or not but I never owned an iPhone because I was not a fan of them at all, but I started to fix them for my buddy's & my friends this is why I know how to tweak them & how to use them on their maximum capabilities ! 

I have a few projects that I'm working on , but I won't release them until I'm 100 % sure that they will work perfectly , here is my big problem, because one of my projects depends on having ( Owning an iPhone 4 ) for testing my program, my biggest program is for all of the Jailbreaking errors & fixes, its a program designed for the iPhone platform, currently its in beta state and I'm testing it on my friends iPhone ! 
I decided to buy a used one for testing it on all my projects, those other projects wont be released until I finish the most important one . I'm asking from each one of you if you can help me raise the 400 $ that I need for this iPhone, currently I raised 93 $ . What will you benefit from me ?

  • Specially crated posts on solving what problem you have on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch .
  • Assist you online via yahoo Messenger or Skype
  • When I release my app you will get free assistance from me 
  • A special invitation for donators on my new blog that will be release soon , there you will have first priority.

You can donate via PAYPAL by using the ChipIn button in the box below ! Thank you for the support & making me work harder for the iPhone community .

You can contact me via :
Twitter @hanybv
iDB Forum @hanybv ( Best forum ever )
Alienbvtech @hanybv

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