Monday, July 18, 2011

Fix Installous API and IPA ERROR

Do you find yourself having API and IPA ERROR'S on Installous, the fix is simple .

You must have three things installed on your iPhone/iPod/iPad :
  1. Hackulo Repository
  2. Installous Program 
  3. Appsync ( Choose the one for your current iOS firmware )
 For New Users who don't know how to install them :
  1. Open Cydia & Go to Manage
  2. Open Sources and on the top right corner tap edit and add , then Add Hackulos Repository ( ) and hit save .
  3. Go back to sources and scroll to Hackulo Repo that you added and search for Installous, install it .
  4. After you finish the Installous program go back to the same Repo and search for AppSync and install that program according to what iOS firmware you have , like if I have iOS 4.3.3 I will choose ( AppSync for iOS 4.x ) then restart you device after re-springing .
  5. That's it , now you have Installous and you can download whatever you want ( I recommend buying the original app and support the Developer so we could have more great programs and support from them )
 For Users who has Installous and have API error's :

You have to reinstall AppSync again and give your device a restart ( Do step 4 from above ) .

Any Questions fell free to leave a comment .

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