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How To Jailbreak For Dummies (Tutorial) 1st Edition !

Here I am making a tutorial for the beginners and the lost souls of the iPhone Jailbreak community, first thought that came on my mind is from where should I begin , I decided to make it easy and begin from the first day you purchase an iPhone
, those are your thoughts :
  1.  OMG I have an iPhone.
  2.  You will call your MOM and your Friends telling them that you bought a new iPhone.
  3.  After the first 2 Weeks you get board of the standard features and the lack of new features ! 
So what are the first things that you will get board of? 
  •  The UI and the Icon’ish OS .
  •  The poor notification system that pops up when you don't want it to! (Changed in iOS 5)
  •  The Apple store and their 1 $ policy on the programs and games. (Drains Lots of $ from you)

Well those things made me board! So let’s stop the bluffing and start Jailbreakin, before you do anything you need to know some Jailbreaking standards and definitions.

Here are some Definitions:

Users commonly jailbreak their iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads to get around the limitations imposed by the wireless carriers (e.g., AT&T) and manufacturer (e.g., Apple). A jailbroken device will allow you to run third party programs and other code, and to do things like tether your phone or use it as a Wi-Fi hotspot for Internet access on your laptop or other devices. For Android devices, jailbreaking is commonly referred to as rooting.

Unlocking a phone means to release the restrictions that are put on it by manufacturers. This is primarily done for the purpose of allowing the phone to be used with other carriers.
By other words , If you bought the iPhone from AT&T then you will not be able to use Verizon SIM on it, Unlocking lets you use any Carrier SIM card with that restricted iPhone .

Tethered Jailbreak:
A tethered jailbreak requires that the device be connected to a computer each time it needs to be booted into a jailbroken state. An untethered jailbreak allows the device to be powered off, powered up, and rebooted without having to use the assistance of a Mac or PC. A tethered jailbreak is a process that takes place on a computer, effectively re-jailbreaking an iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone or Apple TV 2 without losing data or restoring via iTunes.

DFU Mode:
DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode is a means to getting your iPhone to interface with iTunes without iTunes automatically loading the latest version of iOS onto it (it skips the iBoot bootloader, for jailbreak aficionados).
How to put iPhone in DFU Mode ( Video )

Recovery Mode:
iTunes restores your iPhone to its original factory settings but with the latest iOS and firmware -- DFU mode allows you to change and choose the firmware you want to install onto your iPhone.

SHSH Blobs:
An SHSH Blob (for Signature HaSH) is a 128-byte RSA signature used to verify the validity of firmware on newer (iPhone 3G/3GS/4, iPad or iPod touch second generation onward) Apple iOS devices.

SHSH Blobs are used in a challenge-response authentication of the firmware, where the challenge key comes in a combination of a hash of the firmware and the Exclusive Chip ID (ECID) of the device. The response from Apple is the SHSH itself, the digital signature required to validate the firmware.

Significance of SHSH on Downgrading and Jailbreaking - Because the challenge key is static, a cached copy of the signature may be used in a replay attack to trick the signing software (iTunes) into validating an old firmware. Using this technique is necessary to restore to previous versions of the iOS on the iPhone 3G/3GS/4, iPad or iPod touch second generation onward. Downgrading the iOS in such a manner may be used for iOS jailbreaking, since older software may have known exploits.

In other words, you can't downgrade to a previous iOS Firmware if you did not save the SHSH files for that firmware!

Custom IPSW:
A custom IPSW ( iOS Firmware ) is a modified iOS firmware that injects the jailbreack exploit in that firmware & you can modify it to also include some Cydia repos and programs . Those Custom IPSW can be made with Sn0wbreeze & Pwnagetool only.

Baseband (BB):
In telecommunications and signal processing, baseband is an adjective that describes signals and systems whose range of frequencies is measured from close to 0 hertz to a cut-off frequency, a maximum bandwidth or highest signal frequency; it is sometimes used as a noun for a band of frequencies starting close to zero. Baseband can often be considered as a synonym to lowpass or non-modulated, and antonym to passband, bandpass, carrier-modulated or radio frequency (RF) signal.
In other words, it’s the chip that transmits and receives the cellular signal to your device!

What are the best and common tools to start a Jailbreak ?
  •  Redsn0w ( Dev-Team ) Tool for ( Mac + Windows )
  •  Pwnagetool ( Dev-Team ) Tool for ( Mac Users Only )
  •  Sn0wbreeze ( iH8sn0w Hacker ) The same tool as Pwnagetool but only for ( Windows Users )
  •  Greenp0ison (Chronic Team ) Only for 4.2.1 Firmware 

Those are the basic information that a Nooby should Know before doing the actual Jailbreaking process, the process is easy. What are the ingredients of a Jailbreak?

  1.  Redsn0w or Sn0wbreeze ( Windows ) for mac use Redsn0w or Pwnagetool
  2.  iOS Firmware ( The firmware that you want to install on your iPhone )
  3.  iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
  4.  Cable to connect it to the PC
  5.  Windows PC or a Mac 
  6.  Two hands + a little bit of intelligence

That’s it! Simple!

Below you will find the best articles and Step By Step Guides on How To Jailbreak:

For those who want to Unlock !
To be able to Unlock your iPhone to use another SIM Carrier you need to meet those Requirements:
  •  Already Jailbroken and have Cydia Installed .
  •  Have the right Baseband, this is a critical step because not all basebands are Unlockable .

The Program that will unlock your iPhone is called Ultrasn0w ( Created by Dev-Team )
  •  Open Cydia 
  •  Go to Search 
  •  Type Ultrasn0w in the search field 
  •  Install the programs by hitting INSTALL button on the upper right corner.
  •  Shut Down your iPhone and start it again.
  •  That's it Enjoy your Unlocked iPhone!

Useful Articles & Posts:
Stay tuned for the Second Edition on  How To Jailbreak For Dummies (Tutorial) !

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