Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First Hands on with iOS 5 Beta for iPhone/ iPod touch/ iPad

The folks at iPhonearena got their hands on iOS 5 Beta 1 and installed it , watch the video and you will see the new iOS in action .

My thoughts on this new iOS are that :

First : I don't swallow any cloud service because of a simple reason ( Hacking ), if you thought that i'm crazy bare in mind the Sony network issue that got hacked over and over and over ! 
Second : How much data plan you need for all the syncing to iCloud ! If you have a 32 GB iPhone and you started to sync it to iCloud on an Edge connection or even a 3G/4G How much traffic and how many MB you need to upload all of them , as soon as you start syncing the faster you will drain your 1-2 Gb Data plan from your operator , and soon you will find yourself paying extra MB's on the bill. Think about it !
Third : I loved that apple learned something from the Jailbreak community, they hired the man that made their " NEW " Notification toolbar " System " , the thanks goes to all Hackers of the Jailbreak Community .
Forth : The UI looks the same ! They did not change or made any big deal things like the first iPhone ! Maybe they are going to release " New " iOS interface with iPhone 5 or 4s ! Who knows ! 

Last thought is that apple did not offer so much new things as other anticipated , but we have to live on what they offered us till now , we will see soon how Jailbreak community's will affect this new iOS !

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